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Virtually every aspect of a business is affected by legal issues. Doing business without understanding the legal system is like driving a car without following all the rules of the road. You could be buckled up, obeying the speed limit, and paying the utmost attention to safety—but you’re still headed for disaster if you’re driving on the wrong side of the white line. The wrong decision—or the right decision made too late—can cause a small problem to mushroom to a crisis. Meanwhile, more regulation, personal liability, civil litigation and criminalization of civil wrongs significantly raise the overall cost of doing business.

Arkin.Law in Atlanta, GA, is here to help you navigate through the legal labyrinth. We counsel, advise and advocate for you throughout a business’s life-cycle, from seed and development, to startup, growth, establishment, expansion, exit and possible sale. In addition, we prosecute, defend and resolve claims involving breach of contract, fraud, sales of businesses, interference with contract or prospective economic advantage, breach of fiduciary duty, disputes between and among business owners and partners, employment relationships and other matters.

The lawyers of Arkin.Law have assisted business owners and their companies for decades. Contact Arkin.Law today in Atlanta, GA to speak with a qualified business law attorney.


Robert Arkin, our managing member, is both an experienced businessman and lawyer. He took a break from private law practice to work in the corporate and startup world. In fact, his last business startup, Sensiotec Inc. earned him acclaim in the industry and numerous awards for advancements in the field. When you hire Arkin.Law, you’ll benefit from his real-world business experience as well and his legal skill.

Rely on Arkin.Law for legal representation relating to:

  • Forming and operating corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Preparing, operating, management, buy-sell and similar agreements
  • Reviewing, negotiating and interpreting contracts, amendments and related documents
  • Drafting sales, agency, consulting and distribution agreements
  • Preparing software development and work-for-hire contracts
  • Developing executive and employee incentive compensation and retention plans
  • Financing, buying, selling, and merging businesses

We offer virtual office visits for our clients. Get the support you need for your business matter. Call Arkin.Law today for assistance.

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